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"My results are amazing... a must for every woman."
- Amanda R.

"Lisa's program changed my life.  She is really making a difference in the world."
- Christina V.

"I am finally able to talk to my body. I never knew that I could bend in a 90 degree angle and be able to talk to my vertebrae one at a time!  I never thought I could be in touch with my abs, make them sore, and be delighted.  Hiking...that is one thing I couldn't imagine me doing, but now after finishing an 11.6 mile hike, oh wow! The greatest I have ever felt! Lisa, you are an amazing person, not only a great trainer, but a very inspiring mentor.
- W.K.

"Lisa has taught me what it means to be in touch with my body. Her insights and knowledge continue to amaze me... The results keep me coming back!"
- Sara S.

"I have trained with Lisa doing Pilates. I am more aware of my posture, how I hold my body, and the hip to rib connection that is required for a long lean look. She gives a great massage for any specific areas that need special attention. She is very motivating and a good soul..."
 - Carey K

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